The purpose of our company is simple: we exist to help you and your family members live a full, productive life, and come home everyday. That’s our goal, and frankly, our prayer. And the system we’ve developed, along with all its components, has been designed with that end in mind.

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First of all, why Cacharme? I was looking for a company name that didn’t sound tactical in nature. I wanted something that would sound more like the fashion industry. In looking around, I discovered that Cach Arme is French for hidden weapon. Thus, it became the company name.

Cacharme Systems is founded on three core values:


  • Everyone has a right to be safe, and to protect themselves and their
    loved ones.
  • Everyone who carries has an obligation to be trained, educated and
    to exercise this right safely.


  • Everyone has an obligation to be responsible for themselves and
    their actions.
  • Everyone has an obligation to live and operate within our Local,
    State and Federal laws and Constitutional Rights.


  • Everyone has a right to be safe in, and protect, their home.
  • Everyone has a right to safely enjoy the use of the public spaces provided to us, as well as the private spaces into which we are invited